Welcome to the MDP-ESA Virtual Campus aimed at bringing together local government practitioners and their stakeholders from all over Africa to learn and share knowledge through various courses with an objective of improving local governance in Africa. E-learning has proved to be effective in our modern day capacity building needs as it allows a great deal of flexible. Depending on which programme you have enrolled in, some do provide a blended learning approach whereby participants will have an opportunity to attend both face to face seminars and e-learning classrooms. Each on-line course provided on this platform will include various interactive activities such as on-line chats, discussions, emails, pin board notices, audio and video presentations, to name but a few. At the successful completion of a course, participants are awarded certificates.

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Available courses

  • pbmozThis E-Learning Course on Participatory Budgeting aims to equip local government practitioners and representatives of civic organizations with tools and skills for implementing participatory budgeting in their respective jurisdictions.

    The course which is divided into Three Modules runs for eleven weeks. Module one provides the learner with the definition of participatory budgeting, its importance and the benefits for involved stakeholders. Module two provides the participatory budgeting process and cycle as well as monitoring and evaluation. Module three highlights the challenges and constraint associated with implementing participatory budgeting and how such constraints can be ameliorated.

    The learning will be centred on case studies that will demonstrate the real life experiences and issues emanating from implementing participatory budgeting within the region and beyond. Participants will assess their understanding of the concepts through self-assessment questions at the end of each module. Individuals who complete the course will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.


  • Welcome to the Participatory Budgeting Alumni workspace.  This space offers our Alumni with a platform for continual capacity enrichment in issues pertaining to Participatory Budgeting.  The workspace offers various functions, which include:

    >> Networking through chats and discussion forums

    >> Sharing Good Practices on PB

    >> Access to Reading Material