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Enhancing Service Delivery one service delivery charter at a time: LACEP 2 supports Lupane Local Board in the development of Service Delivery Charter

Mr. David Matumbike, Facilitator, LACEP 2

Lupane, the provincial capital of Matabeleland North is the home to Lupane Local board which was established in March 2007. The Local Board currently has no wards; the Local Authority’s area of jurisdiction constitutes part of ward 15 of neighbouring Kusile Rural District Council. The lack of clarity on Lupane Local Board’s boundaries has bred conflict with its neighbouring LA as it remains unclear to whom Lupane Local Board should provide services, most importantly from whom it should collect revenue. Read More>>



LACEP enhances the capacity of  Lupane Local Board and Redcliff Municipality in Geoinformatics.


The Local Authorities Capacity Enhancement Project 2 (LACEP 2) facilitated the implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to enhance the technical and human capacities of Lupane Local Board and Redcliff Municipality in geoinformatics. This support falls under their Urban Councils’ Association of Zimbabwe’s Service Level Benchmarking’s Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs). The Geo-information and Remote Sensing Institute (GRSI) of the Scientific and Industrial Research and Development Centre (SIRDC) provided the trainings and on-the-job coaching. Considering the unprecedented Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) reality, the initial proposal was based on a virtual/online approach for the integration of GIS in the targeted LAs. However, with the easing of COVID19 restrictions was a change in method to include a mixed approach to conduct the trainings and activities.

 Redcliff group with an expert from SIRDC during  the on the job coaching

The introductory to Course GIS, some on-job-coaching and the Advanced GIS Course were delivered face to face. GIS will allow the two Local authorities to manage ad share spatial information with staff and residents. In addition, GIS helps LAs to perform routine tasks faster and with more sophistication that traditional manual methods do. The establishment of skills and the raised level of awareness of the benefits of GIS by Lupane Local Board and Redcliff Municipality are factors for the successful design and implementation of GIS.


LACEP 2 supports engagement of stakeholders during the COVID 19 – Budget

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic changed not only the way organisations operate but also the manner in which they engage and communicate with stakeholders. Local Authorities Capacity Enhancement Project 2 (LACEP 2) in partnership with The City of Bulawayo (BCC) ensured that community engagement was sustained by regular information and dialogue for Local Authorities in the South Western region while being accessible and relevant to the community. The COVID 19 protocols which posed various restrictions such as: meetings of not more than 50 people, social and physical distancing. The unprecedented COVID 19 required a shift in how we engage our communities and for us to establish a ‘new normal’. How we interact with our communities to ensure we achieve a balanced and representative response to our projects, was the crux of the partnership between LACEP 2 and BCC.  Read More>>