Kenya Study Visit Outputs


  1. Programme for the LACEP study visit on devolution and citizen participation in Kenya 21 - 26 november 2016   



The following are presentations made by the high level stakeholders who took time to meet the Zimbabwe Delegation

  1. Ministry of Devolution and Planning
    Devolution in KenyaMoDP - Citizen Participation

  2. Commission on Revenue Allocation
  3. Intergovernmental Relations Commission
  4. County Assembly Forum
  5. Council of Governors
  6. Civil Society Forum at Intercontinental hotel

  7. Nairobi City County
    Challenges Urbanised City Nairobi County
    Citizen Partcipation in Nairobi City County
    SUB COUNTY ADMIN Nairobi City County
    Waste Management in the Counties & Urban cities

  8. Kiambu County Government
  9. Muranga County Government
  10. Thika Level 5 Hospital
  11. Follow-Up Actions from Debriefing Session
  12. Zimbabwe Delegation Presentations/Speeches




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