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VNG International together with Municipal Development Partnership (MDP) implemented the EU funded Local Authorities Capacity Enhancement Project (LACEP) in support of 13 Local Authorities in the South Western region of Zimbabwe. This video presents some of the principal results achieved through this project, exemplified by the cases of Mangwe RDC, Insiza RDC and Bulawayo City Council. LACEP has been a success only through and with all our 13 Local Authorities: Bikita RDC, Binga RDC, Bulawayo City Council, Chiredzi Town Council, Gwanda Municipality, Insiza RDC, Kusile RDC, Lupane Local Board, Mangwe RDC, Mberengwa RDC, Mwenezi RDC, Redcliff Municipality, Zibagwe RDC.


LACEP Final Workshop 8 May 2017 - Holiday Inn Hotel Bulawayo

The European Union funded Local Authorities Capacity Enhancement Project's implementation period is nearing an end.  The project's 30 month duration expires on 30th June 2017, having started on January 1st, 2015.

The LACEP journey with 13 local authorities from Zimbabwe's five provinces of Matabeleland North, Matabeleland South, Midlands, Masvingo and Bulawayo Metropolitan Provinces has recorded success through the implementation of most of the key result areas. 

The project started with Benchmarking of key issues in the thirteen LA's and identified various areas which required intervention, LACEP therefore targeted to support some of these areas and the LA's are until now, implementing some activities in reaction to issues identified.

Numerous capacity building activities were conducted including awareness building on the Constitution and its implications to LA's, various knowledge products documenting these most of these interventions have been developed.

LACEP through its implementing partners, VNG International and Municipal Development Partnership and their partners the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, Ministry of Rural Development, Promotion and Preservation of National Culture and Heritage, the Urban Councils Association of Zimbabwe and the Association of Rural District Councils are organising a Final Conference on 8th June, 2017 at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Bulawayo. The Conference will bring together the thirteen participating Local Authorities, All Local Authorities in Zimbabwe, Development Partners, and various Stakeholders to witness the LACEP journey, through interesting fairs, exhibitions and rich networking of the local government sector in Zimbabwe.



Mwenezi Rural District Council Gears Up Implementation of Support Package

February 2017.  Local Authorities are busy implementing their support packages as LACEP draws to an end in June 2017.  Mwenezi RDC is implementing a project on Solid Waste Management focusing on cleaning up campaigns and raising awareness to the communities on issues pertaining to hygiene sustained waste disposal. More is reported by Tell Zimbabwe newspaper



 Budget Forums Facilitate Public Participation - Lessons from Kenya

The public plays a crucial role in all the budget process. The budget process is not just a day’s affair. It is a process that begins in 30th August of the current year to 30th December of the following year. Yet, what most people are familiar with is the budget estimates tabled before the national or county assemblies in April 30. Despite that, public input in the budget process is essential. It gives people a voice in decision-making. The public can voice their demands for the government to consider and implement. The Constitution after all guarantees public participation that forms one of its fundamental pillars.

Therefore, the public should consider public participation a matter of life and death and attend budget forums. Read more


Understanding the New Constitution : Participants Views from LACEP Awareness Workshops

At the conclusion of the LACEP provincial workshops to raise awareness on the new Constitution for Local Authority elected and executive officials from Masvingo province and attended by 35 delegates representing 9 local authorities, participants were asked on what they had done differently since the enactment of the New Constitution, most admitted that not much had been done, with others confessing they assumed implementing the constitution could only be made possible after realignment of laws had been concluded. In their own words, below are some of the views from LA representatives present at the Masvingo province cluster;

  • “I never thought the constitution was supreme, but can only came to effect after the acts”
  • “We had done nothing especially on financial issues, we believed that our fiscal space is being taken away, but now the new constitution if fully implemented it opens new avenues. We were waiting for CG to open space”



LAs Conducting Budget Consultations - LACEP Stocktaking Processes for Best Practices in CP

Interested in Participatory Budgeting, visit and register to access bulk material on the MDP online course on Participatory Budgeting

LACEP Represented at Europe Day Celebrations on 6 May 2016 in Harare

Friday 6th May 2016 marked celebrations of the Europe Day held at the residence of the EU Head of Delegation to Zimbabwe, Ambassador Philippe Van Damme.  The celebrations mark 66 years of peace, unity in friendship in Europe and beyond. 

LACEP Project Support Officer, Tendai Mukunyadze attended the event, which brought together a mixture of dignitaries from representatives of member states, Government officials, the donor community, Civil Society amongst others.  The EU open food fair remains a spectre at this annual event, which also creates wide networking opportunities.



Development of policies by local authorities is more sustainable and effective when there is close consultation with key stakeholders including civil society within their areas of jurisdiction. Traditionally local authorities in Zimbabwe engaged citizens during budget consultations as a means to fulfil legal obligations.  However, as citizens become more informed, there is pressure on local authorities to continuously engage stakeholders in all processes which include policy making, monitoring and evaluation of projects. Weak citizen participation by local authorities has contributed to the resistance to pay local taxes by ratepayers, a move which has challenged local authorities to engage or continue realising a diminishing revenue flow.

During training workshops on participatory policy making organised by VNG International in partnership with the Municipal Development Partnership from 23 – 29 November 2015 in Gweru and Bulawayo, civil society and local authority representatives from the 13 LACEP beneficiaries deliberated on strategies to undertake when developing local policies.

   The training comprised interactive sharing of material on citizen participation, the policy making process, participatory practices in Zimbabwe and various tools and practices of participatory policy making.  Policy making at local authority level demands some pre-conditions for success, these include Commitment, Responsiveness and Knowledge and Skills by the local authority. Civil society requires a certain level of capacity to participate in the policy making process, this comprises of Motivation and Trust, Knowledge and Skills and a sound Organisational structure.

The trainings gave local authority and civil society representatives an opportunity to assess their capacity to develop sound local policies in a participatory manner.  Furthermore, each of the 13 local authorities in collaboration with their CSOs committed to one key policy issue which they would advance towards a fully endorsed policy by council. Positively participants across the divide recognised the need for citizen participation in policy making as a means towards democratic governance. 

Space exists for developing appropriate local authority policies that are consistent with the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 20) Act 2013

The training's were delivered by The Hague Academy in collaboration with DeGI.  Download the Participatory Policy Making Training material 


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Chronicle Newspaper Covers LACEP Event

Report by Brighton Gumbo, Business Reporter

The European Union has availed 1,2million to strengthen the institutional and operational capacity of local authorities in Zimbabwe. GO TO MAIN ARTICLE


Best Performing LA Awarded

Best Performing Local Authorities Awarded

Civic Society Organisations in Bulawayo Conduct Training on Participatory Public Policy Making and Social Accountability

Various CSOs from the Bulawayo Metropolitan Province participated in a 2- day training on Participatory Public Policy Making and Social Accountability from 30 June – 1 July 2016 in Bulawayo. The training workshop was facilitated by the Local Authorities Capacity Enhancement Project (LACEP) with funding from the European Union and coordinated by the Bulawayo Vendors and Traders Association (BVTA). The objective of the training was to enhance the capacity of CSOs on public policy design, development and implementation. Furthermore, the training aimed to equip CSOSs with tools for participatory policy making and sound mechanisms to influence policy design and positively engage their local authority on policy issues.



Former EU Ambassador Philippe van Damme visits Redcliff Municipality and Zibagwe Rural District Council

The EU Ambassador HE Philippe van Damme conducted a joint mission to Redcliff Municipality and Zibagwe RDC on 16 April 2016, where he met officials and Civil Society Organizations from the two local authorities.  The historic visit meant to give the Ambassador an insight into the implementation of the EU Funded LACEP project and to understand the challenges being faced by local authorities.


Embassy of the Netherlands in Zimbabwe shares VNG Experiences in Zimbabwe

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