Enhancing Service Delivery one service delivery charter at a time: LACEP 2 supports Lupane Local Board in the development of Service Delivery Charter

Lupane, the provincial capital of Matabeleland North is the home to Lupane Local board which was established in March 2007. The Local Board currently has no wards; the Local Authority’s area of jurisdiction constitutes part of ward 15 of neighbouring Kusile Rural District Council. The lack of clarity on Lupane Local Board’s boundaries has bred conflict with its neighbouring LA as it remains unclear to whom Lupane Local Board should provide services, most importantly from whom it should collect revenue. In addition, the Local Authority does not have substantive Heads of Departments in key positions, the Local Authority has interim staff members for some of their positions. With Local Authorities being the tier closest to the community, it exists to provide a myriad of services for citizens in their areas of jurisdiction. Resultantly, the staff complement has implications on the Local Authority’s ability to effectively and efficiently fulfil its mandate.


Left to Right: Mr. David Matumbike, Facilitator, LACEP 2, Mr. C Moyo, Town Secretary, Lupane Local Board, Ms. M. Ngwenya  , and Board Chairperson, Lupane Local Board

The Lupane Local Board Service Delivery Charter development process was demand-driven. With support from LACEP 2, the Service Delivery charter was developed through a consultative process involving 3 stages, namely inception of departmental service standards and targets by the Lupane Local Board Heads of Departments, stakeholder consultation to match standards with stakeholder expectations and finally the compilation and validation of the charter document. Consultations lasting 2 days took place in September 2020 organised by Lupane Local Board, with support from LACEP 2. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the consultations were restricted to 50 participants and they were well attended. The output of the SDC stakeholder Engagement Workshop was an agreement on the service standards and targets as presented. The different parties to the agreement also discussed and agreed on their respective  obligations in the agreement and decided on the monitoring and evaluation plan that set the review to take place annually. There was a general change of attitude on the relationship between the Local Board and its Stakeholders as stakeholders appreciated being included the charter development process. The draft Service Delivery Charterwill now be finalized and launched. The Stakeholders and members of the general public will be invited to the ceremony to increase awareness while educating residents on their obligation to council and what they should expect in return by way of services, explanations where they fall short and justifications for the resources spent.    

Key quotes:
The local board should give first preference to local people in recruiting local authority staff of personnel -  Lupane Resident

"I have listened to all contributions to the stakeholder engagement process for the SDC development, and I pledge my support to work very hard together with my staff to address issues of concern that have been raised" - Local Board Secretary, Mr. C Moyo

"Lets build our Lupane together through commitment, unity and hard work because if Lupaneans don't build it surely no one will build it for us" - Resident.  


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